chinese reflections

written last night while riding a ferry to hong kong island.

the sky turned into an amazing combination of warm and cold colors left over by a sunset. violet sits on top of the ocean, as we slowly drift through it, beautifully backed up by shades of orange and blue. the nightime is setting itself over hong kong like a blanket of forgotten dreams. buildings light up according to the music huge neon pictures and season’s greetings cover half a dozen of towers on each side. the contrast of natural colors set against those created by humans takes my breath away. november already celebrates christmas. full moon unconvers my path as i try to understand what i am feeling. its perfectly round shape and color remind me of white oleander and the unfortunate events that followed after the moon had introduced itself. i’m sensing a bomb waiting to explode somewhere. there is nowhere for me to hide except in the web of my own words.

these days are somewhat silent. undisturbed. work experience beings on monday classes ended last week. this seems to be the least stressful period at school and the only free stress time i will experience in the next two years. but i’m looking forward to it. today as i sat in a starbucks i had nothing to write about i started putting down some loose ideas for my extended essay of 4000 words. nothing definitive on my mind.

couple of weeks ago i found a new starbucks, closer to my home, walking distance. it came to be my daily routine to walk the streets of yau ma tei to mong kok, walk up the elevators that lead to the starbucks and have a coffee, while sitting in my favorite seat. about a week ago i shared my table with an unknown guy we didn’t talk to each other we didn’t say anything we simply drank our coffees in silence. but i only paid attention to my notebook. two days later i saw him again. this time we were both sitting at our own tables, silently nodding a hello towards each other. i remember i smiled at him and walked out right before him.

today i followed the routine and walked to my new starbucks to have a coffee and finish at least one chapter of my new (old) work in progress story. the guy showed up unexpectedly walked over to my table asked may he sit down. of course, why not. instead of turning to his book he started to ask me questions. three hours of a constantly flowing conversation passed by as quickly as three minutes. i’ve realized the best way for me to talk about anything is to talk about it with a complete stranger from the streets. our conversation did not lack diversity. we talked about films, chinese food, mediterranean food, southern and northern parts of europe, differences between chinese and hong kong people, new zealand cinematography, coen brothers, big lebowski and he tried to explain to me the different types of peking ducks while i tried to convey a short history of balkan and central europe in couple of sentences. successfully. on my way out i picked up a new edition of hong kong magazine.

it were probably the most interesting three hours of this week.