166: november rain

november. first november morning. a saturday morning. another day. hong kong island is almost invisible to me. the smog just keeps getting lower and lower with each day. we are drowning in white milk. i can’t feel my pulmos anymore. i can’t feel my eyes, they hurt. my ears are in a bad shape too. and i have a leg just like frida kahlo had. does it mean something? if you have any inquiries call the health department, they will gladly help you.

last night was hallowe’en, which would normally mean absolutely nothing to me but since it was friday and since there were people dressed up everywhere around hong kong – central station was crowded with mickey mouses and tigers – i couldn’t help it but buy a pair of plastic lighted up red devil’s horns. just like that to add it to my usual image. otherwise, i wouldn’t probably even realize it’s hallowe’en. where the fuck are all the zombies?!

i tried to watch quantum of solace last night but figured it was impossible. why do they still keep making james band films? somebody kill that motherfucker already. it’s boring. i got out of the cinema fifteen minutes earlier and went straight to a starbucks. i’m almost finished with james frey but have couple of pages left. i wish it would never end.

later at night, i ended up at maria’s. i met some of my friends there, old ones and new ones, saw many crazy costumes and little kids dressed up as spidermans hoping they would the save the world one day. music was loud, people were even louder and the chief was nowhere to be found. at some point i exchanged gin tonics for water and drank just that. they were playing a little better than usually and was hoping i might go for a walk with dracula. but you can’t always get what you want, right, mick?