i sleep with a window open during the night. every now and then i can hear the piercing sound of an ambulance passing by, sometimes there are screams of homeless people down on the street, but most often the only recognizable sound is the buzzing of the city. the wind, the cars, the lights and the music in the distance. the air is chilly the winter is slowly arriving: twenty two degrees celsius. i wear three layers of t-shirts when i go out. i’ve completely stopped drinking iced coffee. terrible winter.

just before i go to sleep i watch stand up comedy, listen to 2pac and 8 mile final battles. it is a strange combination that puts me to sleep better than a glass of warm milk. just as jack nicholson said: some people see rap music as poetry. in a way it is. i grew up in a white society (due to geographical position) therefore there were not many opportunities for me to dive into the culture of rap. as i probably would if i were living in harlem. it’s no surprise that the first rap i heard was eminem. but who cares, right? because my musical taste is full of diversities: eminem, nirvana, bob dylan, bossa nova, stevie wonder, billy joel, enter shikari and the compositions of rachmaninoff. but it is hard defending it. it is hard to defend a diversity like this because people usually listen to a single kind of music at a certain time. i mean, we all go through phases when it comes to music.

what’s your current phase?