200 and a flower

the year is gone. november is coming to an end, the year is closing. but still not all the cards have been laid out. questions arise with each step on the way. and i’m trying. each day i wake up, i sit with a cup of tea and i wonder: what do i have to say today?

there are too many things to be said. too many things i would like to say yet i never will because my own principles simply don’t allow me to. our friendship is more important than my ego. it’s something i learned this year. shouldn’t you be proud of me? just wait for the bilantaine.

i found myself a group of people who are able to appreciate me as a person. as someone who has something to say and it isn’t just about babbling about nothing. but i also think i might have taken it too far already.

i mean, how does it happen? three o’clock in the morning, couple of drinks, no money in the wallet, atm and ha! i still meet them on a street corner in the middle of an alley that shouldn’t be easy to find or to be so busy at three in the fucking morning.

i really don’t know.