the town itself is ugly

April 9, 2009

A revolution isn’t a gala dinner. It cannot be created like a book, a drawing or a tapestry. It cannot unfold with such elegance, tranquility and delicacy. Or such sweetness, affability. Courtesy, restraint and generosity. A revolution is an uprising, a violent act by which one class overthrows another.

i see myself in, say, fifteen years, in a flat in a big city, looking outside and seeing lights, hearing the city hum. i see myself around the world. traveling, writing and doing all the things i am doing now but in a larger measure and greater importance. behind them a girl was looking outside, and while she seemed to be completely uninterested in what was going on, at a certain point i could notice an imperceptible smile. i was going back home and i was sitting on the bus looking outside.

it’s thursday. i’m sipping coffee, i’m trying to make myself do something. read history, start writing, finish reading the novels. walk. write. see people talk to them.

but at the end of the day i still like my silence the most.

dubai, madam

April 7, 2009

i am in search for an inspiration. i need a new design, new ideas for my bedroom and new photography for art journaling. so far this year i haven’t really done a proper piece. most of today was spent reflecting on vietnam and surprisingly on dubai, especially since i discovered amazing photography by petrina tinslay. if you have a moment, take a look. i miss dubai. i miss the city, which i hardly even know because it’s a work in progress. nothing is finished there yet. it would be great to be able to go back one day.

i spend most of my time reading, writing, studying and listening to videos on the academic earth. examinations are coming up in may, including chinese, which i fear the most. i have only started chinese classes two months ago and i am nowhere near the ability to sit for any kind of test. thoughts occupy my mind, dreams and plans pile up as i search for ideal universities but each day ends with a reminder that there is a long journey ahead of me.

winter is still not entirely over in hong kong. walking around the streets is enjoyable more than ever.

April 6, 2009