summer in the city

I have a couple of good reasons for not writing this summer. apart from not writing during summers in general (just take a look at the archive, summers are empty!).

I’ve had too much academic writing to do. and I am talking about 10 000+ words written in the last four weeks.

although I’ve spent a lot of time studying and working this summer, I’ve spent very little time at home. therefore there hasn’t been a good moment to sit down and write down my thoughts.

on the other hand, I’ve written a lot in my paper journal. it seems like I have rediscovered the beauty of writing into my moleskine. I am about to finish the one I bought in new york city. they seem to last for about eight months each. which means I will be starting fresh in september. and that’s good.

I have watched a lot of films this summer and I bought even more dvds than in previous months. I’m yet to write down my thoughts on them, and that might as well never happen, but I would still like to express at least a fragment of my thoughts.

I watched the lion king for the first time in about a year, with a glass of red wine and my eighteen year old teddy dog. in total, this could have been my 500+th time watching the lion king, but who knows, because I stopped counting mid-90s.

in the last five or six days, I have probably watched the big lebowski thirteen times. dude.

three and a half weeks out of four week holidays have been clear, sunny, hot and with a blue sky. it rained only once and no typhoons are coming up in the next week.

there have been many great nights spent with the band and around. the music this year is better than before. but sometimes I still think about the old times.

this may be the best summer in hong kong I’ve ever had. and you know, how much I hate summer around here.

I have actually missed my friends during the holidays as most of them went away. so I am looking forward to tomorrow, going back to school.

for the last time. 117 days to go.