volume five: see you later, kiddo

April 2, 2011


first of april. my father’s birthday. our anniversary. it was an amazing day; sunny, warm, but not too hot. we celebrated with a lunch in one of the streets in SoHo, one of our favorite restaurants posto publico. after lunch we all went in our own directions, returning to our daily responsibilities. but when the evening drew closer; we met up once again. again in SoHo, in the same street, different place, for a couple of drinks.

down the hill in my favorite street; peel street there’s a bar that’s owned by a friend of mine. well, mostly a friend of my musicians. another friend was having a gig there that night; by a coincidence he is a music teacher at my old high school and also australian’s guitar tutor. the world is small. it was an incredible gig. a bit of blues, jazz and latin music. a swedish guitarist, a sri lankan drummer. I know them, and they all know me. and my favorite part of the evening is when one of them taps me on the shoulder and says; see you later, kiddo. because a couple of hours later I am bound to see them somewhere in the streets of wan chai. I could never tire of the hong kong night life.

and I’m turning twenty in twenty days.