february 29

February 29, 2012

a leap year. I keep thinking how strange it must be to have a birthday every four years. I am spending the morning with two cups of coffee, quiet music and the new york times.

march tomorrow. already. again.

falling whistles

February 28, 2012

my falling whistle arrived in the mail yesterday. it feels good to wear it. I cannot remember exactly how I stumbled upon this campaign a few weeks back but things have changed since then. I spent hours doing research about the congo, trying to understand. but I guess it’s impossible. number one priority is raising awareness because as it turns out due to people’s general ignorance in regards to anything outside their comfort zone, it is rare that people actually know what is happening in the congo. and so I am trying. two conflicting emotions have appeared recently; one is feeling good about doing something but the other is feeling completely insignificant and tiny in comparison to the issue. but I do know that giving up would be foolish.

so, whilst you are sitting comfortably in front of your computer, perhaps with a beverage of your choice, take a minute and go through the following links:

+ be a whistleblower for peace
+ falling whistles
+ crisis in the congo: uncovering the truth
+ congo women
+ enough project
+ angelina jolie’s journal from congo
+ robin wright in congo

and hopefully do something.

this cannot be love

a week went by. he wanted to see me but I wouldn’t let him. maybe I was selfish but I needed my own space. to recover, not only from the illness but also from the invisible wounds of the past few weeks. sleep was the only consolation that I needed and the british accent of downton abbey. yesterday I finally felt well enough to leave the house. the ever-lasting grey weather put me in a dreary mood. I took the train to his place; I walked slowly. the apartment was dark, the air in it stale and dump. his little sister sleeping in the next room, coughing faintly in her sleep.

we watched the cartoon network, which is what we always do every time I find myself on his couch, next to him, in a soft but firm embrace of his arms. watching tom & jerry makes me nostalgic but I appreciate those quiet moments, interrupted only with occasional laughter. it wasn’t until I saw his face that I realized how much I actually missed him. I thought of nothing.

the air grew colder and I stepped outside for a cigarette. darkness was falling down around me gradually and I wished there were stars on the sky. he came down after me. I leaned onto him, smelling his gentle cologne. we gazed at the nightly sky. I want to move somewhere where I can see the stars, I said. I felt him nod.

later in the evening we sat in our park, laughing. there were no arguments and we ate mcdonald’s. surprisingly they were playing jazz. I found this amusing and amazing at the same time and he just looked at me. you are crazy, he repeated. papa made fried bananas and soft potato mash with meat and beans, which they roll in balls as they eat. I like that it is their custom to eat with hands. they bit off pieces of chili peppers and talked in their language. instead of feeling as an outsider, somehow, I felt at peace. it gives me time to observe them. I am trying to learn.

it rained in the early hours of the morning and we fell asleep with the sound of rain pounding on the windows and roof. I felt calm. everything seemed to be as it should be.