july 22

July 22, 2012

this weekend I:

+ slept in on friday after a night out; spent the rest of the day working on a four thousand word linguistic assignment
+ watched finding forrester. who is going to buy me a typewriter?
+ stayed home on saturday night and watched lie to me for the third time
+ went out for lunch: japanese ramen and kimchi
+ spent some time picking out groceries with the patriarch, ended up buying belgian waffles, english breakfast tea and french popcorn
+ the dark knight rises made for the perfect ending to a rather easy weekend (oh, gary oldman!)

hopefully the following week won’t be too hard on me.

dear radek

incredibly touching photographs from laura makabresku. soft and quiet, tender. they touch you at heart, they make you wish for everything to be fine. you can only hope that it is. my rough (and probably largely incorrect) translation from polish. I apologize in advance.

dear radek,

I am becoming less scared now. quiet assurance lies within me that everything will be well. that you should be back to health. that you will leave the end somewhere far away and I will see the sea for the first time again. and you will be with me. before surgery, I would like us to take many pictures – sensitive and simple. after we can take others; more adult that we have ever expected.

your l.

I want to see the sea for the first time again.


July 21, 2012