days filled with colors are my favorite


drinks on the rooftop at elements, ICC / looking up in yau ma tei. the weather has been incredible lately / kowloon buildings / waiting in a line for the atm / I like my orange jeans a bit too much / handwoven love painting by paul smith

life has been good lately. so, so good.

inspired, lately


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I have been lurking around the internet a lot lately, finding new things to keep me inspired, motivated. I’ve been trying to eat healthily, in smaller portions and more often. sun tea would be make for a perfect beverage on a sunny afternoon somewhere on a beach, if only the weather in hong kong would get better. and these smoothies are on my list for the upcoming few days. nothing like starting my day with something fresh and tasty. I will also try to make these replacements. also, I can stare at images of fruit and food for hours.

three beautiful videos of hong kong. hong kong is home, homeland and so long, my hong kong. personally, the last one is a favorite.

four sisters photographed over a period of 36 years. such powerful portraits.

I’ve been feeling happier lately. I painted my nails red, I laugh a bit more. the boy and I have been talking a lot lately. about us, about the future, about possibilities. when we first met, I never thought we would get this far. this song perfectly conveys what I’ve been feeling. these images are what I hope the summer will be like. I am counting on this summer to be a good one. the first good summer in hong kong. it will be.

I said to him last night, when everything is good inside us, everything is good outside, too. he finished the sentence for me, in fact, and I went to sleep with the thought that having a person you can share everything with, must be the greatest feeling in the world.

mindful mondays, nine


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hey boy. this one is for you, again.

I cannot give up on him and I will not. it was simple and the only thought I had when I left the house last night to meet up with you. yesterday was a terrible day, and I didn’t write anything. I wasn’t productive in any way. the whole world sat on my shoulders, pressing me down. the idea that we might lose each other because.. because why, really? I am not sure. but what I do know is that we’ve come too far to give up now. I missed you. even one day of separation is enough to make my whole life unstable. of course, I can still go on and continue. but not really. I start to resemble a zombie at some point.

I missed hearing your voice. I missed seeing your name on my phone and I missed knowing that I will see you in a couple of hours. I missed knowing where you are and that you are okay. I wanted to ask you about your day but I wasn’t sure whether I should. I am terribly, horribly sorry about what happened and I wish I just could take it all back. because instead of being the best I can be, I became the worst. but we are past that now.

I am a much happier person today because we talked last night and because we talked the way we did. and we laughed. oh, man, we laughed. I love to see you laugh and I love knowing that I can make you laugh. those little sparks and stars in your eyes. I painted my nails bright red today and I am wearing the I love french boys t-shirt. that’s how happy I am.

I always want to be happy like this. I always want us to be okay. because then everything else is okay, too.

mindful mondays, eight


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it horrifies me the way time passes. how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. it had such an impact on me the first time I read it a few days ago I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve been revisiting some of my favorite books lately, not being interested enough or inspired to read anything new. not inspired, motivated, driven. call it what you want. I am focusing on my work as well as personal projects, but something is missing. I stay wide awake at night, over-thinking because I seem to be unable to find the way out of here.

day time central area in hong kong affects me in an unpleasant way. I am always forced to think about someone I shouldn’t even remember anymore, let alone hold close to my heart. it is absolutely insane that all this time has passed already, but I haven’t moved on. not even an inch.

how can one be nostalgic for something they never even had to begin with?