hong kong’s yardbird


image courtesy of Yardbird

yardbird. the yardbird. this place has become one of the most talked about places in hong kong. opened relatively recently (who am I kidding, two years ago, which is a lifetime for a restaurant in hong kong and in the meantime, they also managed to open its sister bar), yardbird took over soho/sheung wan with a boom. nobody expected it, but everybody loves it. to be honest, that’s how long I’ve been sitting on this review. I kind of always knew that if I start writing reviews for enjoythewait.org, yardbird will be the first one out there. it’s exceptional like that.

specializing in japanese food and whiskey, yardbird quickly became hong kong’s gem. it’s easy going, with great music and atmosphere. incredible food and beverages. even the most classic concoctions like gin & tonic have a special kick. william’s gin with cucumber and a little of pepper, anyone? when I get a little bit hungry from all that drinking, I always order the same: chicken skewers (the breast, the heart, the liver, the neck, the thigh!) and the-richest-in-taste cauliflower you’ve ever had, also know as KFC korean fried cauliflower. fried and topped with sesame seeds, it is my favorite side dish. they add a splash of lime to almost everything, which appeals to my mediterranean tastebuds with such ease, it makes me feel at home. unfortunately, I am not much of a whiskey drinker (oh, the irony), and cannot speak from extensive experience, however, from what I do remember, blended akashi ‘white oak’ is worth a try. but apart from that, what they’ve got on the menu will please any and all whiskey fanatics.

yardbird sounds almost too good to be true. and it is. because on top of all of that; the perfect location, cuisine, beverages and choices in tunes to accompany your dinner, yardbird has the best staff in all of hong kong. top quality service: friendly, funny, fast. sometimes I think the boys at yardbird are the only real reason I go there. and they are all handsome, too. busted. with prices a little bit out of reach for college students, perhaps it is more of a once-month kind of place. but despite that, you will always want to come back.

thanks abu and the gang for the hospitality the other night. y’all know how to take care of a girl when she’s solo for the evening. go check them out yourselves. the boys’ll make you laugh: 33-35 BRIDGES STREET, SHEUNG WAN, HONG KONG. opened mon-sat 6pm until late. no reservations.

mindful mondays, thirteen


two instragram shots from the last few days. the weather has been incredible, but too hot.

a few thoughts from the past week:

nothing compares to going to sleep and waking up next to your significant other. nothing. we’d also managed to develop small daily routines, which I will miss now the most. our coffees in the morning and in the afternoon, him dropping me off for work leaving me with a forehead kiss. have a lovely day, he’d say. then my day would drag on and on forever, because I simply couldn’t wait until we were together again. our dinners together; he’d cook in the kitchen while I set up the table. then we’d laugh about it. why don’t you like cooking? he always asks me. oh, I like to cook. it’s just I like it more when you do it. after that, he stopped complaining.

work has been busy but slightly unsatisfying. I am not sure whether it’s because I’d rather be at a beach at any given time or because I feel like all creativity has been drained from me and wasted onto nothing.

going to bed early and waking up early is beautiful. going to bed at seven in the morning and waking up at six in the afternoon is also beautiful. especially if it’s sunday.

I’d missed home too much. this week particularly. I guess, it’s something about how everyone needs to get old and senile, because the time dictates it. it makes one appreciate the people around them a little bit more. he sensed my sadness, but there was nothing he could do.

despite the lack of writing here and in general, I managed to finish another two double pages for my on going and never ending project. one day at a time.

it’s all I can do. it’s all anybody can do.

mindful mondays, twelve

Create adventures for yourself.

create adventures for yourself. I am trying, I am trying.

I’m not writing. I mean. at all. I started a new piece for a magazine at the beginning of the week, but then I left it to rot away on the hard disc. an old story about hong kong. I got tired of it before I even started. demotivated, uninspired. I started writing weekly letters to nothing and no one in particular. very productive. I started compiling another inspiration post, but nothing came of it. after three links and images, I realized none of it is my reality. only what I wanted it to be. last week’s mindful mondays evaporated into nothingness.

I turned my sleeping schedule upside down. well, we both did, father and I. never asleep before four in the morning, never awake before mid-day. at first, I liked it, but now it’s starting to wear me off. even though I feel better at night. during the day it’s just fatigue and strange nausea, boredom. there’s nothing worse than central area on a sunday. welcome to hong kong. starting from today I will have the apartment to myself for a whole week. when I think about it, I’ve been waiting for this for a couple of years now. (I had deleted the czech archives a while ago, and I am missing the piece I wanted to link back to. unfortunately.) it feels good to be alone. but I won’t be. nothing revolutionary really. just home cooked food and watching our favorite movie on the sofa. it’s all we really want.

simplicity and nothing else.

mindful mondays, eleven


last week saw some of the most beautiful views from our living room / and sunsets; oh, they were glorious! / mid-week breakfast / rains are beginning to find their way back into the city, but they’re welcome

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monday, again. I am a little bit nervous and on edge. I am behind on my schedule, the list of things just keep piling up on my shoulders, but I seem to be stuck on something completely irrelevant and cannot move on to other things. I started seriously researching the topic of mastering productivity. because it is clearly something I am not very good at. it agners me because of all these ideas that I have, but that never get realized because I don’t know how to organize myself. it’s frustrating and I am tired of this trait. it’s something that needs to change first.

last week I forgot how to stop and focus on beauty and simplicity around me. I recklessly captured life around me, but didn’t stop. to breathe, to focus. days went by and everything seemed the same. hong kong feels increasingly smaller and smaller. boredom would not exactly be the right word to use, but it’s close enough. I need new images, new faces, new everything. just for a little bit. to shake up the routine and monotony of daily life. it used to be that watching films and reading novels was enough to take me someplace else. but now I want to experience everything. I don’t want to just dream anymore. I want to live my dreams. I don’t want any more of wishful thinking.

being content with your life is much harder than it seems.