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June 30, 2014

20140630 - life lately

incredible indian food; one dinner with the bird at the beginning of the month / picnic lunch with the boy at zero carbon park in kowloon bay / kelly & moss / a beautiful hong kong morning / victoria harbour + a helicopter / summer lunch: bruschetta, olives and feta cheese with a mojito

caffeinated opinions | kelly & moss

June 21, 2014

2014061701 - k&m

quiet afternoon, mid-week. I needed a break from work, away from the desk and laptop. four-thirty in the afternoon. I missed my lunch because of the heat. june days in hong kong are rarely cool and easy. sometimes around the middle of may, the city begins to preserve the warmth, creating a greenhouse effect everywhere you move. it’s difficult finding a cool shade in the streets of the city these days.

unless you venture out to kowloon bay for an iced coffee at kelly & moss. you’ll find yourself in a spacious area, uncharacteristically quiet for hong kong. zero carbon park is hong kong’s own attempt at creating a more sustainable environment, which is an attempt at which hong kong as a city, as a community fails. it does. hong kong failed, fails and keeps failing at creating a sustainable city. in fact, it barely looks if anyone is trying. with the exception of this tiny space and some others.

2014061702 - k&m

my office is a two-minute walk from this café. it’s relatively a novelty and there were a couple of things, which I loved straight from the start: paper straws and the white and light persian green. you can only sit outside, which is the best option, really. the iced cappuccino was ideal. I opted for no sugar in order to sample the coffee, which suited my taste. a little bit bitter, with subtle hints of sweetness. a bit caramel-ish, which is exactly the way I like it.

the prices are within hong kong standards. $36 for the iced cap. skimming through the menu, I remember thinking the prices were nothing out of the ordinary. a bit pricey, yet as per usual.

I wouldn’t go for a snack as the options are minimal, almost non-existent. in the two times, I’ve been there the kitchen was not opened and daily soups and salads were not on offer despite the menu board. all in all, I would recommend this place for a coffee with a friend or quiet moment of self-contemplation. with a full stomach.

I will be there on a weekly basis for a coffee break from work.

2014061704 - k&m

a list | things I believe in

June 19, 2014

I believe in coffee at any time of the day. I believe in nights when the stars fill the sky and the city is quiet. I believe in love at first sight. not because it’s a fairy tale, but because it does happen. I believe in old paperbacks. I believe that beauty comes from within. I believe in summer nights that turn into mornings; nights when you forget about everything and just live.

I believe in crossing borders and stepping out of the comfort zone. I believe in following your heart and not listening to what anybody else says. I believe in hand-written notes and letters. I believe in journaling and writing. I believe in words. I believe in holding hands and kissing often and a lot.

I believe that things can get better. I believe that happiness should not be the ultimate goal in one’s life. I believe in taking chances. I believe in forgiving.

I believe because I have to.