a daily manifesto

November 4, 2015


practice breathing
practice writing with left hand
practice meditation
spend at least half an hour in nature, if possible
exercise any time you can
learn a new word every day
read a little bit in french
stretch // do inversions // improve circulation
dry brush // body scrub
clean face with soap
brush teeth before sleep
wash hair in the evenings
write a list of 10+ ideas
write an entry // write anything at all
drink water with lemon and cayenne pepper
drink mint, green tea, water // keep hydrated at all times
eat as much as fruit as you can, and you can always eat more
no processed sugar or salt

Are you okay?

November 2, 2015


He used to ask me. All the time. Every day the question would come. When I expected it, and when I didn’t. I could always count him to ask me: “Are you okay?”

And the answer would usually be the same. “Yes, I’m okay.” Even when I wasn’t. And he would know. He had the gift of knowing how I felt. Now there is only a shape left after him.

He doesn’t ask as much anymore. Sometimes, but not like before. Of course, not like before. Nothing is what it used to be.

Now that he is no longer the one asking, I found myself directing the question at people around me. A friend at work, someone I am just getting to know, acquaintances. Every time it rolls off my tongue, I think of him. And I want to ask him.

Are you okay?