i got my preliminary maths assignment and a reading list for the holidays. it includes sophocles, drontë sisters, henrik ibsen and toni morrison. finally what i’ve been looking for in my courses in the two last years, which i had spent reading teenage books on some weird social experiments inspired by the second world war. i want to read.

i went to bed at five am. i got up at six thirty. went to school. most of today’s lessons were made up of sessions in which we were supposed to share our experiences during the last two weeks. human potential movement bullshit. i won’t share anything with you. i was terribly missing george carlin because i was reminded of some of his musings during the eternal boredom. tomorrow i’ll be picking up garbage on a sai kung beach. i’d rather go to work.

i came home around three, i went straight to bed. now it’s almost eight and i have nothing to do. this kind of a day almost begs to be finished with marathon of the noble house series.