207: no diving

dear november,

next time, could you please slow down? thank you.

everything happened too quickly this year. soon it will be time to start writing bilantaine 2008. and i don’t think i am ready for it. my feelings are much clearer but there’s still a small hint of confusion. perhaps it is because of the range of events that have occurred this year. the number of people i have met. the memories, which are engraved into my mind. everything falls right into place.

there are many things you can try if you want. and some of them will even give it to you.

i find it hard to forget this quote. it seems to be the motto of the year. road side bar is another thing that has shaped up my style my future. i will always be inspired.

always inspired would be a perfect expression to convey my current state. my current moods. there’s always something that inspires me. to write, to be creative. i am trying to work on my procrastination habit. i’m trying to eliminate it but i don’t think i ever will. and that’s fine. it is important but not as important as letting go of the past. i think that’s something i have made progress in. i am able to enjoy the present. the people i am surrounded with. i am slowly letting go of the my addiction. yes, i have replaced with new ones but that’s how it always will be. there will be a time in the future when i will let go of these addictions and replace them with another ones. life is a series of addictions. series of dogs. i am a dreamer, this is my reality. i am finally able to name things, which i haven’t been even able to recognize before. the truth set me free. the freedom which i’ve come to know lately made me spread my wings and fly higher than i have ever been able to before. i am happy. i love hong kong. i’m able to open the door. well, at least a little.

last night i watched the entire series of the noble house. this is hong kong.

i went to bed at four o’clock, i got up at six thirty.

i spent the day at a beach in sai kung, picking up trash with a bunch of people, with whom i am surprisingly shared the enthusiasm.

i went home. i drank coffee, i made myself a small lunch. i listened to music.

i went out for a while. the sunset, which i was able to witness was extremely beautiful. winter sunsets. there are no others like those of december.

i went to a music store, a bookstore, a starbucks. i wrote, i read a book.

terrorist/freedom fighter

i watched people’s shoes. i went home. now i am re-watching house. again.

i am happy.