220: three cups of black coffee

i set up an alarm clock for 11 am. but i got up at noon. cleaned up the mess in the living room, washed the dishes, sorted out laundry, put some things away, took the garbage out and made up my bed. which is something i never do. i took a shower, dressed up and at 12:45 i was already at the central station. me and my father are the only people in our family able to do all this in forty five minutes. after five hours of sleep.

i had a coffee/brunch with a friend. i haven’t had this much fun with someone so different from me since.. never. she, high heels, mini skirt, a top, a handbag with something shiny golden on it. me, two year old all stars, an unwashed pair of pants, a bag with a cow on it, white ironed shirt to make a contrast, a black hat and a stripped (RED) scarf from new york. people actually stared at our differences.

there was no time to write today. i guess that means another sleepless night lies ahead of me.

how was your day?