23 :: 366

the year of the dragon. we had a bad start I admit that and not much can be done about it. I pushed things and now I know I shouldn’t have. never push anything or anyone. it was all supposed to be different. sometimes I am not sure whether I underestimate or overestimate everything around me. it was a morning filled with drama that I ended up running away from. the only way how to deal with everything was to sleep through the day, in his arms. just sleeping, almost until sundown. it’s hard to explain things like this. I kept thinking of nicole from crazy/beautiful. more and more I’m finding similarities between her and me, it is almost scary. I drank the mini chocolate milk from his fridge while he made dinner, we ate together in silence. I haven’t taken off his hoodie for the third day in row, just trying to keep warm while everything around me collapses into meaningless ruble. don’t get into more trouble girl.

January 23, 2012