233: dreams

A heartbeat. Then another one. And another. the First word is spoken as we listen to the silence. It breaks. The silence is replaced with a strong of voice of one of the most important men in history of the United States of America. The crowd cheers. The cheering is breath taking. People from all over country form a single voice. This voice is trying to scream its way into better future. It takes long minutes before the crowd settles down. It fells into silence, which is just as overwhelming as the high-pitched cheering. Barack Obama looks up and greets the American public. It is one of those moments that we will remember forever because we feel as if it belonged only to us. Those who are standing in front of the huge podium, looking at the man who has the scarce ability to allow for a much needed change to happen. And we will always remember.

November 2008


recently found on my disc. 11 days to go.