i believe the glass is half of full. of poison. – tim collins.

january 9, 2009 marked three years of living in hong kong.

there are a lot of things i need to do before school starts in february. i think i will start today.

+ finish reading three books (two of them which i am yet to buy)
+ work on my mathematical studies project (study session with a friend tomorrow)
+ edit my stories (now i have three works in progress)
+ read more
+ watch more films
+ and yeah, study more

i am dreading my first mandarin lesson and then possibly also mathematical studies, but i feel that it will be just fine since i’ve catched up with a good deal of work already. but there’s more, of course. i am enjoying my holidays, but i wish i would get out of this pathetic mood, i am in recently. i miss my friends back in europe.