i was wondering when my muse was going to kick in. i miss getting up early in the morning. i realized that just couple of days ago when i went to bed at 6:30. usually the time i get up for school. i had watched three films that night, unable to sleep and at some point i looked up from my monitor and saw a beautiful stripe of light on the horizon. at that hour, everything seems to be asleep. at least for a little while. then things speed up again. the sun comes up, shining blind on the buildings of hong kong island, creating a special yellow-orange light, which i can see from my bed.

school starts in less than three weeks. i am trying to get a solid base of knowledge for all of my subjects. including mandarin, which, by the way, i love to study. and as much as it didn’t show here, i’d been writing most of the time lately. but editing is a strange thing, it takes longer than the initial writing and final result is often worse than what it was before. for me, it’s also a very slow process of word choosing and rewriting of verbs using more sophisticated ones.

sophisticated. that’s what i would like my writing to be like. there’s a long journey ahead of me.