24 :: 366

at home. staying in with the heater on and a pile of blankets. cups of tea with lemons; two seasons of csi: new york. staying in, disappearing, ignoring the rest of the world. the boy sends messages across sometimes but I think he feels that I need some time off. after everything that happened the past weekend, I need a little time by myself. to appreciate. taking the words out of the context, trying to convince myself that maybe things do have a meaning. twenty twelve will be an important year in terms of elections, which are coming up. and I am tracking them all. everyone is promising improvements, everything will be alright, you will see.

flipping through the hong kong magazine the other night, I stopped to read through the horoscope page. I am not sure why because I never do it. but the question asked was: when was the last time you reevaluated your life, Taurus? it is time.

January 24, 2012