I am feeling detached from rest of the world. You’re little out of space, again, aren’t you? he said. And I didn’t know what to answer because I was watching the half moon and I wasn’t exactly listening to him.

He’s leaving. I always knew he would be, because he never wanted to be a singer and needed to get out of this world as soon as possible. I saw it in his face, I heard it in his voice. The only moments when he sounded a little happier were when he sung you’re the only girl my heart beats for. But I had ignored his smiles. Secretly.

I am going to miss our private little conversations. I am going to miss a lot of things. My Cherie Amour will not be the same anymore. But the memory will stay. Certain people stay in my mind for some reason, and I can’t forget them. You’re one of them.

He said.