242: winter days

my 15+ degrees winter days.

11am – 2pm: i am waking up. the first thing i do i start up my laptop. it takes a while so i use the moment to put on something warmer, open my window, shut the drapes, put water to boil for coffee, i eat some dried fruit or nuts. i spend some time reading through my google reader. each day i have 1000+ unread items. i reply to emails, which i received while i was sleeping. i write. i read. i write some more. i delete everything i’ve written. i listen to music.

2pm – 5pm: i take a shower, spend some more time at home, doing chores. i write. i listen to music. i do laundry, do the dishes, and whatever else is there to do. i think i am getting better during these hours. i study. a little.

3pm – 5pm: depending on my mood, i may be outside by this time. it may be a little cooler that i would like but it is still pleasant enough to spend an entire afternoon walking around the streets, taking photos, writing, reading and meeting with people. lately i’ve been in habit to meet with a friend for coffee or lunch almost every day.

6-1am: depending on my mood and mood of others, i may be at home or i may still be outside, walking around, walking into various bookstores to read. if it’s late in the evening, i am probably somewhere sitting with friends, having a drink and listening to music. if i am home, we’re having a dinner as family as we always do, i watch a film, write, read, edit photos and search for inspiration. during these hours, i am waking up.

1am – 3am: if i’d been outside, i am probably home by this time. if i’d been at home at whole time, i am watching a movie or writing. or reading.

4am – 6am: i am growing tired. i fall asleep, usually, upside down on my bed.

6:30am – 11am – 2pm: i turn around in my bed, take off my socks. i sleep.

in a way, i can’t wait to go back to school. i’ll be sure to post another schedule as soon as the semester starts. then we’ll see how i will be feeling about getting up at six thirty in the morning.

inspired by exposed bunny.