the days pass by, mostly unnoticed in the rush and stress. the nights are cooler now, too. I am loving the weather, the heat and the humidity are slowly going away. here comes my favorite quarter of the year. I take a trip to starbucks every day, study, organize my bookshelves. random things of every day life. we’ve refurnished our apartment a little, the new colors make me happy. I am not sure what is missing. I am not writing much, most of the time I am just learning the 汉字。

I can feel the year speeding up. it’s usually in september when I tend to notice the differences between the first and second half of they year but it seems I have become less dependent on these lonely traditions of mine. there is a few days in a year during which I used to spend some time reflecting on the past, as if on purpose. but not anymore. this habit is (also) going away.

hong kong island is hardly visible. it has been hidden covered by clouds and pollution for more than a week now. I cannot wait for the clear november and december days. by then though it will be time to worry about other things. I am reading a book about fidel castro and guevara. I’ve watched the motorcycle diaries a few weeks back, and read the book. since then I’ve become obsessed with their stories and the history, which they created and wrote. there is something incredibly powerful about it.

it’s been a while since I’ve had time to walk around the city for hours. I need to find some time soon, I am quite frustrated, being just at home.