thank you for traveling with the mtr


it is cold. I sleep with three blankets and long sleeves. but I like the weather. I like the cold greyness that surrounds me wherever I go. I am home today, with a headache, with a runny nose. but it’s not a big deal. even though I like the change of weather I find it hard to get adjusted. I forgot how to keep warm. I am waiting for the latest norah jones album to be downloaded. she has always been with me. some things I could never get tired of. with december being only two weeks away, I find myself reflecting on the year almost every day. for some reason, there’s this heavy feeling in my heart. maybe because I am thinking that the next year will be my last one in hong kong. but I don’t want to think about it. all I wish is to chase the balloons with you.

I cannot stop listening to empire state of mind. it is the song of this season. one day..