maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to michael too much in the past few weeks, but I have definitely become obsessed about my own reflections in a mirror. this one was taken today at my favorite cinematheque just down the street from our apartment. I don’t know. it feels like I am looking at myself with someone else’s eyes and that’s what it makes it so unique to me. I can’t wait to take some more, I can already think of other places.

not sleeping last night made me feel strangely alive and full of energy. I am finding myself inspired by everything. everything seems to fascinate me in its own quiet way, everything gets recorded in my mind – it’s these memories and experiences that enable to me to keep going every day. all I have to do is pull them out of the darkroom and bring them to light. remember. the taste of cottage cheese, the wind on my cheeks while walking along the waterfront, odd smells on the street coming from someone else’s kitchen, a cat sitting on a ladder in a dirty part of the neighborhood. a tiny kitchen shop called i love cake not more than a minute away. life’s small pleasures.

and today, it was the first sunny day of the year. things are looking good.

January 9, 2010