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it’s been in a good beginning of the week. not much goes on. I spend a lot of time at school, with books, endless cups of coffee, chinese characters. routines do not change. I woke up too early this morning, it was still too dark. I heard my mother’s laughter, but maybe it was a dream, and then I couldn’t sleep anymore. I’ve finished reading the japanese book I mentioned a few weeks earlier, it turned out to be less interesting than what the beginning seemed like. stylistically, not the best book I have ever read, either. but I’ve enjoyed it, nevertheless.

I stayed behind after my classes, catching up on some work. in the study room, completely absentmindledly, I picked a table near the open door, feeling a cool breeze on my neck the entire time. for a moment I smelled spring. does hong kong even have spring? it seems like it just always switches from too cold and windy to too hot and humid. by the time I returned home, sun was already setting. it always amazes me how fast the weather can change some times. especially in the evening. this was seven twenty, and this at seven thirty. the winter seems to be fading away, the day is much longer now. in the next few weeks we can expect humidity from early mornings.

the only thing I should work on now is my sleeping routine. sleeping five hours a night, then being away for the whole day, sometimes more than twelve hours, coming home and trying to do some work, falling asleep and taking a half an hour nap, is just not doing me any good. but then again, it’s almost like I enjoy it. it’s strange. it makes me feel alive.