the migraine of three days is in the process of fading away, which is why I am sitting here now, at one o’clock in the morning, with a glass of white wine, finishing an essay for tomorrow morning. because I have nothing else to do. I’ve narrowed down my purposes to studying reading and writing. everything else seems irrelevant and occasionally I break the stereotype with few episodes of a mind numbing show. but that’s what I have come down to. I am no longer looking forward to weekends or free time. because that just means even more work. over are the careless nights with james until sunrise. but I cannot wait have some time to write for a few hours about nothing.

elliott smith is constantly on repeat along with damien rice, and of course, unplugged in new york, which was on the entire day today. I like to remember my music, I like to remember the lyrics. but sometimes I am thinking we could have been so much more if you just hadn’t built that wall around yourself. because I am not the person who will climb over it.

why do people need their space? I’ve always hated that excuse.

February 24, 2010