good morning, hong kong.

perhaps now would be the perfect time to actually start over. I woke up early today, not wanting to waste the first half of the day. I should probably change my ringtone from john mayer to something else. just a thought. things are going well. I’ve been busy. I’ve been sick a lot lately too, but hopefully that’s behind me now and I will be able to enjoy the rest of the year entirely fever-free. we have moved from our old apartment into a new one, it’s in the same building complex, just a different tower. at first it felt strange and I thought I would never get past the change, but it’s not bad. the new apartment has almost the same view and also another part that looks onto the ocean. it’s beautiful. I wake up each day, and it’s there. I’m looking forward to this winter, sitting on a balcony (not on the 35th floor, but 28th), sipping something, writing, thinking. it’s a perfect spot if I can get past the vertigo.

I’m all by myself in hong kong right now, my other half has gone back home to sydney for the holidays and I’m just here. doing my own thing. spending hours in a bookstore, mainly in the travel section thinking about all the places I’d like to go, all the places I miss. all the places I’ve never been to. I’m missing home. all the time. I miss prague, I miss croatia. I miss my hometown in bosnia and my only friend there. I miss turkey and istanbul and I hope I will get to know that city a little bit more in the future. I want to go back to new york city and washington. I want to go to thailand and laos and complete my little circle there. I often think about dubai and singapore. a friend of mine in holland sent me a message reminding me of our trip to new zealand. I miss it all and I want to go everywhere.

I feel like I’m pointlessly stuck in hong kong, or at least my mind is. I feel like I’m doing something, but I’m not really. there’s so much in front of me, and I just hope it will work out. although I’ve graduated (symbolically) I still have two weeks worth of classes and then about three weeks before the final exams. future is crushing on me but I hope at least one small portion of it will work out the way I want it to. because I desperately need a change. enough about me, though.

it’s been a very sad week. sally menke (hi, sally), arthur penn and tony curtis, all three have passed away this week. three amazing individuals in the film industry that I’ve admired for such a long time. but I guess the old golden era has ended and a new one begins each decade. they will be missed. there hasn’t been many interesting movies lately. hopefully wall street never sleeps will not disappoint me tonight. I’m looking forward to the shots of new york city.

October 1, 2010