just one of those nights where you have it all but you don’t have it… you are not just fully satisfied. but not you are not greedy. but your humbleness is putting a smile on your face. just cause. (- Dimitri) and that’s how it was. it was the band’s last night. there was nothing much to say, not even when they dedicated me and mrs jones to me. my heart shrank and dropped onto the floor. I wished you’d been there, but I guess it’s time to move on. this is the time to move on. school will be finished soon, music will have to be found someplace else, and old friends are coming into town soon, which means I will have even more opportunities not to think about you. but I do. I finally opened my journal last night and filled dozens of pages. everything would be easier if I could hold one mood and stick with it. I have a few small projects on my mind that should keep me busy over the next few months. and then I will see what next. I guess we both will. this time next year I could be half a planet away with no intentions to come back. who knows?

November 14, 2010