days are passing by in a strange way right now. slowly but somehow fast at the same time.

each day I try to create a focus, something to hang onto during the day because it’s only at night that I feel most comfortable. I love hong kong at night. the night life, the buzzing of the city, people coming out, revealing more about themselves than they usually would. in a way there’s a certain amount of mystery attached to the nights that I spend around the city. mystery but also stereotype.

I’m drifting away from the old places, from familiar faces and mechanical picking up of endless glasses of gin tonics.

but there’s still a few things that I’ll always enjoy. regular grande cappuccinos, garlic noodles for six dollars from 711, polaroids and contagious laugher that lasts for hours. we have always been good at it. never ending inside jokes that I will never forget.

last night we went to see the hong kong production of Rent, in which a few of my closest friends performed. it was beyond amazing.

I’m enjoying myself right now. living the life to the fullest. I’d almost forgotten what freedom feels like. it’s deliberating. life is not about finding out who you are, but creating yourself, becoming the person you want to be. the person you can be.

November 28, 2010