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I took a walk at Strandperle beach. Had a coffee and lunch there. Then walked farther down the beach and took the ferry into the city center of Hamburg (from Anleger Neumühlen/Ovelgönne to Landungsbrücken). The best first day of a trip I’ve had in a while.

Nord Coast Coffee Roastery
Nord Coast Coffee Roastery

Strolled around the Portuguese quarter; continued walking in the direction of Rathaus. Hamburg is full of excellent coffee places. Two that took me by the heart with full force: Le Velo (a bike shop and a coffee shop!) and Nord Coast Coffee Roastery.

My favorite building in Hamburg.
My favorite building in Hamburg.

Got lost in the streets of Altona. Got lost in the streets in general. I found my favorite building in the process. I loved wandering the streets at the very heart of Hamburg. All streets are lined with bookstores, restaurants and coffee shops. It’s all I need, really.


Admired the red brick buildings. Entire streets are lined with uniform nordic architecture, and I think it’s perfect. Walked through the canals, with a warm flat white. It gets windy in Hamburg, but I did not mind. The weather might never be ideal that far up in the north, but the beauty of the city makes up for it.


I found gems in hidden streets of Hamburg. Little shops, little restaurants. Normally I would pick a night to splurge on for an evening with friends. Yet as I was alone, my company was the best white wine on offer to go with my traditional Hamburg meal of fish and seafood (I ate at this restaurant, which was okay. Next time, I am going to this French place). I was told that if there’s one thing I was going to eat in Hamburg, I had to make it the fish. And they were right.

(Side note: I wished I had enough time to see a musical in Hamburg. Apparently, it is the city of musical theater. So I am keeping that for my next trip in February. Lion King in German? Actually, why not, it’s the version I watched most often as a kid anyway.)

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