I’m relatively finished with the first part of my those seven months are like a distant dream piece. currently I am almost at five thousand words. in less than twelve hours. considering how little I have been writing in 2010 and in general, I consider that to be, to a certain degree, a success. even for a piece, which I intend to delete as soon as I am finished with it. maybe because of that.

I’m re-decorating and reorganizing my room. I finally have curtains again, which means that from now on, if I don’t want to, I never have to see a minute of daylight. I’m incredibly happy about that. I bought one of those square IKEA mirrors with lots of space in the frame; I figured out what to do with my polaroids. there’s still a couple of things I change and do, but I think by the end of this week my room will become that perfect creative oasis that I need in order to work on my book. which has been put on hold; what? two years ago? I’ve been trying to get back to writing all this time, but whilst still in high school it wasn’t possible. but now it’s definitely the time to start working on something substantial and actually finish it. and since I’ve read all those motivational articles on ways how to improve your writing, I started with improving my working environment. besides a little change in my room was needed.

also, have I mentioned I decided to start studying arabic? because chinese just isn’t enough for me. apart from all this, nothing else is worth mentioning right now. everything else has already been said in those five thousand words that you will never get to read.

what a bitch.

January 10, 2011