the past week. not necessarily in a chronological order.

I started and finished reading the great house by nicole krauss. it goes next to the history of love.

I watched harry potter and the deathly hallows part two. twice. I consider it the best film out of the entire series. the development of characters became evident. finally. alan rickman’s performance almost brought me to tears. and the death of fred weasley. I will never forgive her. I might buy one of those special edition boxes and start reading the books again. from the start. and pretend I am eleven years old again and on the way to paris. back then I had imagined I was sitting on the train and not in a car. but more about that at a later time.

I went to the beer fest in lan kwai fong for the first time in all these years. (on that first photo is the father of lan kwai fong and a model from slovakia. we had a nice chat.) for someone who doesn’t drink beer at all I had a good time.

I went back to drop to see my friends play. beautiful night, but I was too tired and only stayed for two drinks. sadly, I did not take any pictures that night.

I attended a media dinner of the newly opened linguini fini. tried thirty different dishes, five different red and white wines and got slightly tipsy from the whiskey smash. by my sides were sitting some of the most important people from the media circles and I was there just by a happy accident. but that’s how it begins, right? priceless experience.

another night. thursday, I think. dinner at al dente. I carried my friend’s guitar, everyone thought I would be joining the band. no, I am just a groupie, I repeated about five time. if only they knew. stevie wonder and van morrison for me. and then back to the heat of lan kwai fong. it was a great night, really.

went to times square in causeway bay to see the weasley twins. showed up, had no idea what’s going on and ended up standing in the first row. I have a signature and a couple of pictures. it was oliver and james’ last promotion event for harry potter. for the record, they are freaking tall. and then dinner at SML with sarah. I liked my risotto but I don’t think it will become a regular place of mine.

I complied endless lists of films, books and music to pay attention to. so far my attention spam has been that of a goldfish. I need to return to my role of a culture vulture soon. I am starved for new thoughts. I’ve uploaded the june playlist.

a number of lonely lunches this week due to filmmaker’s absence. mostly the vietnamese pho. lack of hangovers, too, due to filmmaker’s absence. you lose some, you gain some. I wrote a lot (despite the lack of evidence here). I am having a couple of short reviews published in the coming months. I am planning my european trip. it is time to go back. also, london won’t be seeing me any time soon.

I need to go back to my novel. I haven’t written anything for almost two months. I might just as well have to start over. again.

it has been raining the entire week. this has been a particularly slow and lazy weekend. I have finally caught up on my sleep but I still feel strangely worn out and tired. I replaced my old blackberry curve with the torch. I am slowly getting used to it.

I am slowly getting used to many things.