a birthday letter; a thank you

We woke up to this once.
We woke up to this once.

Dear ____,

Happy birthday, love. You’ve never been this close to the third decade of your life and neither have I. We’ve never been this close to all the possibilities and opportunities we can have in our lives. This moment, this point in my life where I am right now – it is all because of you. I am grateful to you. For everything.

I have no birthday present for you except for my gratefulness and timeless love. Two decades of friendship and irreplaceable experiences and memories that I share with you make everyone else seem insignificant. For the impact, for the influence.

A year ago, I landed at the Zagreb International Airport, quickly found a wifi connection and sent you a message for your birthday. It was a sunny, fresh day. The beginning of summer, the beginning of my new life. Everything that followed after that moment shaped my life the way it is now. It is all because of you.

My heart was full with happiness. I’d returned home after four years of separation and there is hardly a way to describe the elation that comes with it. As if to make me even happier, you responded: I’ll see you in three weeks.

Last year was, without a doubt, the best summer of my twenty-five-year-old life. We spent a week sailing the Adriatic together and I haven’t been the same since. You showed me what respect and love meant. You showed me that I can be enough. That I am enough. And you were so much more than that to me. Then you said: Don’t go back.

Three words that changed my life. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am right now; I wouldn’t have the friendship of your little sister; I wouldn’t know what real friendship is. It is all because of you.

I hope you are well. I hope you’re kicking ass at life. I know you are. I haven’t seen you since but that will change soon. I hope the stars will be on our side. We just need to help them a little.

It’s your birthday today, which I am going to celebrate a little wildly, even without you, but I am also going to celebrate the beginning of life the way I know it now. My little anniversary of sorts. Cheers to both of us. Be good. Be well.

Goodbye, and much love until the next time.

Signed Oscar Wilde.