a gin bottle with a message inside


last night I came home at four in the morning. we’ve been doing this a little too often in the past few weeks. unintentionally as always, of course. yesterday was spent at a beach in cheung sha, lantau island. and so far it is definitely my favorite beach in hong kong. it spans out for 2 kilometers, incredible sand and waves crashing against the seashore. I think sea is my favorite sound and smell. we had lunch/dinner with more than a dozen people who were invited to celebrate my mother’s birthday. it was one of those unusually enjoyable afternoons, on a beach, with friends, a few bottles of red wine and amazing food. later when almost everyone else left home it was just the three of us and another close friend of my mother’s who is the same age as my grandmother but in spirit could be judged at least twenty years younger.

we had more wine, we shared some stories, talked about hong kong and life experiences. I just loved the sound of the ocean and its waves coming back and forth. I’ve read somewhere a quote, it goes something like, if you need music on the beach, you’re not getting it. and it’s true. but of course, on our way home, we couldn’t help it and ended up at michael’s again. there’s something funny and incredible about that guy. one of the best pianist I’ve heard since I am in hong kong.

and the night finished with a shot of tequila, my sharona and a feeling of having had a great day. and tomorrow is Chung Yeung Festival which means I get to sleep in on a monday morning. and now I am going to go out, for a walk, a cup of coffee, maybe a movie at the cinémathèque. what more could there be?

October 25, 2009