a morning in dalmatia

Dalmatian piece of sky.
Dalmatian piece of sky.

A weekend at home. Waking up just as the sun gained full strength. Coffee in a glass tumbler. Maman and I; driving along the Dalmatian coastline. Split International Airport. I checked-in at the airport, baggage-free. Simple, easy.

There aren’t many things that I need.

Because that half hour outside the airport, with her, sharing coffee, and talking but not much. Laughing, moments of quiet contemplation, making plans into the future, but nothing definitive because that isn’t our style. That is the meaning of life. Something tangible and strong. Family is stronger than anything.

The sky was a particular shade of indigo blue and light gray; Sunday was just coming to life. I am remembering the stillness of that morning and all the possibilities as they stretched out in front of me like a wave.

June 6, 2016