a very grey early sunday morning

hey there deliah what’s it like in new york city. manhattan. walks. wide streets. numbers. east west. parks. yellow cabs. a car ride. harlem. upper west side. upper east side. you’ve got mail. central park. broadway. coffee shops. breakfast. plain white t’s. statue of liberty. times square. pretzels. hot dogs. subway. the strokes.

early saturday morning. people jogging. fifth avenue. madison avenue. hot pancakes with maple syrup. coffee. a smell of sweet potatoes. empire state building. shopping malls. sunglasses. blackberry. greenwich village. italian restaurant. high end fashion. people. french. italian. german. spanish. minestrone soup. limoncello. paparazzi. jay-z sitting next to us. hi, there. small talk. chinatown. little italy. desserts. rain. wall street. waking up at two am. dream lover.

DC. walks. museums. history. green. lots of space. parks. squirrels. deers. government buildings. 200 years old post offices. the white house. the capitol. the senate buildings. a whole new world underground. businessmen. union station. the metro. state avenues. seconds to cross the street. lights. home. bathroom. kitchen. pantry. endless glasses of milk. organic food. georgetown. old town. jason mraz. statues. monuments. memorials. small garden. fountains. split creek. up the hill. pentagon. ground zero. the middle east. eight years. obama on cnn.

the twins. big girl sara. sleepy mornings. cold. fall. leaves. red. orange. maroon 5. in and out of the car. grandparents. my childhood. second family. espressos and little cups. chocolate chip ice cream. sushi. dinners. midnight. crying. not sleeping. mama sanja. cereals. cranberries. fruties. train. new york. airport too soon. 16 hours flight. a bigger chinatown.

waiting for a sunrise. the sky is grey. too much awaiting me. I wish I was still there.

October 11, 2009