after morning, morning after

good morning, hong kong.

september. first september morning. 7:30 am in hong kong, 1:30 am in prague, 7:30 pm in new york city and 9:30 am in sydney. it doesn’t mean anything. we all experience our days a little bit too late. but i cannot say why this month seems to be more important than others. people return to school today. some people wait as the holidays draw closer. somewhere it’s autumn, but somewhere else spring is waking up. doesn’t it seem to be weird? closed minds of people.

maybe it’s the memories i have left from prague. maybe it’s because i used to hate september before. maybe it’s because i see it differently now. atmosphere in the air changes and i miss my old life so much i almost can’t breathe. but it lasts only for a second. there’s too much beauty around me. i like to pretend that i don’t see it, because it is just easy enough for me to decide not to acknowledge it.

today it is not like that. i like everything about this morning. i like the silence that surrounds me as my parents are still sleeping. i like that i focus on the silence even though i have my headset on. adam green, again. i like adam green too. it even seems to me that i liked my morning coffee more than usually. this is not positive thinking. there’s no such thing. this feeling comes from a¬†simple act of acknowledging things as they are. not as they should be but as they are.

i hope september will bring more mornings like this one.