and she didn’t know


new shoes; on the way to work this morning.

I don’t have time for shit. highlight of the last few weeks has been the purchase of a brand new iMac, which now sits at home and smiles at me every time I walk through the door. awake at seven each morning. a quick coffee. lots of time with the boy. mama africa, our regular walks. we haven’t been to the cinema; the weather has been unusually warm. but perhaps, winter is over already.

I try to finish work around six pm every day, but that rarely ever happens. I am wearing myself out. on top of everything that has been going on, I cannot sleep well because I torture myself with thoughts. you think too much, you think too much. he always tells me that and it always makes me frustrated. so what do you want me to do?

maybe I just need different priorities, different direction.

March 12, 2013