april 2


our balcony. I’ve been ignoring the world.

at home for the past three days. four white walls, warm blanket, cups of tea and films. nothing else. I haven’t left the house since sunday night. and have no intentions of going anywhere any time soon. I have closed the curtains everywhere, creating a soft shallow light in my surroundings. there is a small gap in between and that’s my only connection with the outside right now. I like it. I need this break.

the boy came over with take out and hot cup of green tea. he came over with kisses and cold hands to put on my forehead. he came over with a smile on his face that makes me happy. the night drew closer and I kept drifting in and out of sleep. in his arms, with television running in the background. he wasn’t doing anything, just looking at me.

moments like those should last a lifetime.

April 2, 2013