august break


everything is a little bit out of focus.

if you know me, then you know that summers are usually quiet around here. enjoythewait becomes a no man’s land as I deal with my usual summer issues. I dislike summers in hong kong so much, I spend three months wasting away my energy on complaining about it and trying to survive. leaving very little motivation or time for a constant flow of words. until I come back, before I find my voice again – I will leave you with a few links. see you on the other side, kid.

I am not a girl who gets it all done. this post from natalie completely resonated with me. in fact, it was the inspiration behind writing this post in the first place. jessica stanley’s read. look. think. is my favorite series of posts for when I am in need of inspiration, input or simply something new. this week I have been following the #AfricaSummit and tweeting about it a lot. I am in my element. be gentle with yourself. you’re doing the best you can. – unknown source. I have been carrying this quote around with me and keeping it close to my mind. I am trying not to be so hard on myself. hard on others. everyone is fighting a battle. I have been writing a little bit more at Medium. nothing too much, though. facebook messenger can basically spy on your life. jk rowling is my hero. punishment as an old federal tradition.

lately the weather has been good like this (with intervals of heavy rains, monsoonal winds and thunderstorms). after a ridiculous food-poising episode this week, I have pledged not to dine outside for at least a month. it is simply not worth it. I need an absolute cleanse and global table adventure has provided inspiration. and bambus is really a drink! last night I cooked a dish that beautifully combined the flavors of central europe, mediterranean and sub-saharan africa. enter goulash created in a rather light version with more tomatoes and carrots, olive oil and basil with okra and sadza (semolina, fufu, whatever you call it) as a side. my favorite dinner we’ve made at home.

I will be ready to share more later in the month. summers are not my favorite anymore.