avant qu’elle parte, huit

sources: one, two.

mostly quiet days. I slept through the weekend, again. seventeen and then fourteen hours of sleep. there’s always a message for me when I wake up. filmmaker finally returned from his twelve-day journey around european cities and a happy-happy hour (because what else is $23 per a drink) was more of an automatic decision than a choice. twilight turned into evening, evening turned into four in the morning. dusk came but barely anyone took any notice. the boy and I returned to my apartment building before three but I didn’t want to go home. we ate ice cream and laughed. jumped on a random bus that took us on the other end of the city. tseung kwan o; I swear I’d only been there once before in my life. we fell asleep on each other’s shoulders and ignored the darkness. by the time we made our way back the MTR opened again. the car was empty. I saw occasional glimpses of the sun coming up when the train surfaced above the ground. it was a cool morning; incredibly fresh coated in dark blue and grey. the city was deserted, quiet.

we take daily walks around our neighborhoods. noodles and chicken curry for dinner. a few times a month we hide in the cinema. or we stay home on the sofa, watching a cartoon. rio has become our favorite. we found our favorite spot to eat a pizza or just share a bottle. sometimes we’re alone, sometimes we run into people. sometimes we drink champagne, even though we both hate champagne. but it doesn’t matter because everything else around is okay. in balance. we’ve found a way how to cohabit without disrupting the waves of our ocean. the night falls around us as we light our cigarettes and search for stars even thought there are not there. they live within us. just like the dreams fed from our youth and hunger for more. that’s what we are: always hungry for more. we’ve become them, the couple, those two. in september, I started writing daily miniature letters to him. our lives put into a chronology of heart-shaped finger prints on our bodies. leaving traces anywhere we go; hong kong will always remember us.

our beginning, our story.

October 2, 2012