avocado & honey

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I like avocados. I like the color, the texture. the softness and the way two halves look next to each other. two pieces that fit into each other perfectly. I like guacamole and I like having an avocado in a salad or a sandwich. I just like avocados. obviously. this obsession started relatively recently, because it wasn’t until we moved into the tropical climate of south east asia that all the regional fruit previously unavailable in central europe became the daily indulgence. so we always have two or three in the kitchen. when overripe I make the easiest facial mask on this planet. it softens my skin, and it smells good. one quarter of avocado with a little bit of honey. mash and mix well together. spread evenly on your face and leave for as long as you like. wash away with lukewarm water. simplest possible way to make my face soft and refreshed. I love it.

and later on when I met up with the boy for a walk around the neighborhood, it was already past midnight. the air was warm and sleepy. we stayed close to each other, not really talking. after a while of silence, he remembered something and became excited. you know the avocado picture on your instagram? I looked at him curiously. thank you for posting that! after I saw that, I went to the kitchen and made myself a toast with avocado and sugar. just like that, nothing else. you need to try that. I will make it for you one day. it’s incredible! I couldn’t believe someone could get so excited about a toast with avocado. but he was. and I just looked at him and smiled. it was hard to imagine that at that moment I could feel any more emotions than I already did.

this is going to be an avocado summer. yes. (more avocados here.)

June 4, 2013