backwards writing

new dimensions. changes. new rules. things like that. I’m thinking of indecent proposal, I cannot help myself. this morning I felt like I woke up into a different world. but yesterday afternoon and night was one of the most amazing few hours of the last couple of weeks, and I truly needed that. I’m creating a mental list of things I’m going to do in the next few months. it’s very similar to the list of dilemmas. but not entirely.

it’s been a slow day. I’m catching up on some of my reading, analyzing historical figures and battles, and contemplating the difference between hitler and mao. there’s something about the world history that makes me feel fulfilled. I run into an old friend today, we shared a cup of coffee, caught up on the six months+ that we hadn’t seen each other and then we wandered off in different directions. I cannot help but wonder what the next few months is going to be bring to me, or who, for that matter. but somehow I’m finding myself not being able to stay in one particular mood for more than an hour. sadness, happiness, euphoria, complete numbness. and that’s just today’s afternoon.

it’s time to start recording again.

November 11, 2010