day thirty seven

rain pours behind the windows;
the white light in the office headache is inducing.
my headphones are the only thing providing any form of consolation. flashbacks from last night. feelings, emotions, confusion but with a strong certainty.
what did I just type?
I am not making any sense today and the stereotypical tasks of today are actually welcomed.
cupcakes from a fellow intern and venti cappuccino.
I forgot to eat yesterday.
frantically browsing through craiglist and gumtree in hopes of finding something that could interest me. reading the new yorker and the times.
an idea for a short story came to me in the middle of the night but I didn’t have a chance to write it down. the fact that it is irreversibly gone now makes me doubt myself.
long messages to a friend in australia, simply because our friendship has grown stronger since his visit last week.
sometimes I just need someone to listen.

February 6, 2012