pereguinn.co was born out of enjoythewait.org, which I had started in 2007 after writing at chocolate.wicked-angel.net for many years. Everything before that is ancient history and better not be brought up. I do have many friends from that period, though, and I am grateful for that.

The name pereguinn originates from an 80s song called Polly Pereguinn by Beat Happening/Screaming Trees. I discovered the song after reading Journals by Kurt Cobain. There aren’t musicians that have influenced me as much as Kurt Cobain and Nirvana have.

The name pereguinn is also influenced by the word peregrine.

Peregrine, adjective (also a noun)
Foreign; coming from abroad.
Wandering, traveling or migrating.

I would say that it fits pretty well.

I am not perfect, and neither is pereguinn.co but it is mine. Despite enjoying a rather high number of visitors every day for many years now, I do not have comments. I write for myself, always have and always will.

This is a constant work in progress. Above everything else, this is a writing blog. With the occasional photo series for eye candy. I also like writing lists.