eight fake polaroids

instead of a simple coffee, dad and i went to knutsford terrace for a full breakfast. minestrone soup at an australian restaurant seemed to be more than enough. tonight we are cooking one of our own. i’m completely turning my back to seattle. it seems now that the only place i am focused on is harlem and bronx. different directions. it might have something to do with the new band i discovered on wednesday. and tomorrow is what? there are many things to be done lately but i still manage to have free time on my hands without actually wasting any of it. i spend most of time writing, watching films and reading. i am already filling up my new moleskine as if i didn’t even buy a new one. i have couple of new ideas for collages, i decorated my room again. i added new photography on the wall above my pillow.

reign over me is a beautifully disturbing film. it’s been a while since i have last watched a film that would make silently sad and laugh loudly at the same time. it touches on many issues, which overtake the world today. it touches on many issues that people have to deal with with but not many enough know about it. it inspired me in a couple of ways.

i’m thinking. i’m writing. i’m going to leave the window open. good night.