expect the unexpected

one of the things that have completely disappeared from my life in the past few weeks is the sentiment. don’t have it anymore. I don’t! it’s gone. I am not revisiting old memories, I am not writing about things that happened a year ago, I am not thinking about them. something has changed. and I am not sure to what I should attribute this change. being preoccupied, sleep deprived and completely involved in everything that’s happening around me, has probably something to do with this. yet I feel it is more because I have changed as a person. a small, but rapid change. I am still not used to it. it feels like a part of me, a part, which has been with me since the beginning, has been taken away suddenly. everything changes when the people you surround yourself with, are not the ones you were used to. I am more grateful than I thought I would ever be. when I said this year is going to be about changes, I had no idea changes would reveal themselves so fast. it all started so unexpectedly.

you’ve just driven into the fuckville. and she’s the mayor.