falling whistles

my falling whistle arrived in the mail yesterday. it feels good to wear it. I cannot remember exactly how I stumbled upon this campaign a few weeks back but things have changed since then. I spent hours doing research about the congo, trying to understand. but I guess it’s impossible. number one priority is raising awareness because as it turns out due to people’s general ignorance in regards to anything outside their comfort zone, it is rare that people actually know what is happening in the congo. and so I am trying. two conflicting emotions have appeared recently; one is feeling good about doing something but the other is feeling completely insignificant and tiny in comparison to the issue. but I do know that giving up would be foolish.

so, whilst you are sitting comfortably in front of your computer, perhaps with a beverage of your choice, take a minute and go through the following links:

+ be a whistleblower for peace
+ falling whistles
+ crisis in the congo: uncovering the truth
+ congo women
+ enough project
+ angelina jolie’s journal from congo
+ robin wright in congo

and hopefully do something.

February 28, 2012